Pastor Tony and First Lady Tynea Lowery

“Teaching, training, transforming lives with the Gospel”

Doing our part to point the way to Jesus, make disciples and build God’s kingdom here on earth one child, one woman, one man, one family at a time, starting with us.

Tribute to Pastor Sutton

Pastor Sutton for me is the epitome of a Shepherd/ Servant. He not only fed the hungry, he fed me. He not only provided shelter for the homeless, he provided shelter for me. The list for me and others about his practical presence in our lives is nearly inexhaustible. He was that kind of Pastor and it’s hard to measure the work he did for God because it seemed to be so natural to who he was. The world is different because he was here and is better because of what he did. He spent his entire adult life Pastoring and has left an imprint on thousands and thousands of people, all while serving a little old Baptist church in NE DC. He left a trail for each of us to follow and that trail requires that we feed the hungry, cloth the naked, heal the sick and lift up Jesus by using more than words.

– Pastor Lowery

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